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ACTION: Secondary: Next Session Timetable

Turnaround this year is from Monday, 9 July to Friday, 20 July 2018.

Remember there is limited access to Click+Go during this time.

For Secondary Schools, the last thing that must be completed before the turnaround date is Analyse and Merge in Click+Go

Application>Next Session>SETTS>Timetable>Merge, then click analyse.

Do not complete the process with timetable conflicts – a warning message will be shown with a discrepancy report.  All timetable conflicts must be resolved prior to completion of the merge process.  

 Once the analysis shows no conflicts then the analyse and merge should be completed.

This process can be completed more than once but must have been run at least once before the turnaround date and definitely after any changes have been made.

Failure to complete analyse and merge prior to turnaround will result in incomplete timetables for your return in August.