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Action: (Secondary only) Tracking, Monitoring and Reporting from Home

Please ensure staff who require to access TMR from home have access to the instructions.  These can be found on our tile here for SEEMiS Access from Home which will be available soon.

IMPORTANT – Remember that while you are in school you should access Click+Go and select the Help button at the top of the screen then click User Info to enable you to set your memorable phrase.  This is required to access TMR at home with your SEEMiS login details.

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Click+Go: Pupil Absence Recording for COVID-19

Schools have been issued guidance on the new COVID-19 absence codes.  These have also been added to the attendance codes manual which can be found here.

Please note that in the guidance it mentions schools mapping the attendance codes.  This action only requires to be completed by Secondary Schools.  As users may not have access to this area, this will be carried out centrally on behalf of schools today.

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Info: SEEMiS and Non Highland Council Staff

Please see our up to date guidance on External Teaching Staff below.  This is also available in the staff manual.


In some Secondary Schools lecturers from the University or College will provide teaching for courses in the school.

As these staff are not employed by the Highland Council, access must not be granted to any personal pupil or staff information under GDPR (General Data Protection and Regulation). Therefore staff not employed by the Highland Council must not have access to the SEEMiS System.

Whereby a person who is not employed by Highland Council requires to take pupil registration, a paper register should be supplied. The school office can then be timetabled against the class and would in-put the registration on the lecturer’s behalf. The Mrs Time Table dummy records should not be used for this purpose.


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Info: Guidance Manuals

We are in the process of moving our guidance manuals from Glow to Sharepoint.

On the Education System Support Home Page you will find links to the Staff, Pupil and Absence Codes manual.  We have also added our new A to Z for Systems and will be moving our guidance links to here from Glow as we update them.  Thank you for your patience whilst we work on this.

Click here to access the Education System Support Home Page.



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Action: Click+Go: P7 Transition

Secondary Schools will already be working on their timetables for the next Academic Year and will require current P7 pupil data to be available as provisional pupils.

Primary Schools must check their P7 data before transferring the records to the relevant Secondary School.   Note that transferring the record does not mean the Primary will lose their data – the records will remain current in Primary until the leaving date is reached.

Click the links for guidance now available on Sharepoint:

P7 Transfers Primary

P7 Transfers Secondary

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Action: Click+Go Attendance for the Healthy Living Survey

The Scottish Government will shortly be collecting data for the annual Healthy Living Survey.  The Survey is carried out for publicly funded schools in Scotland on registration for free school meals, uptake of school meals (both free and paid for) and Physical Education (PE) provision.

Data for the Healthy Living Survey will be uploaded direct from SEEMiS and focus on pupil attendance up to and including Wednesday, 26 February 2020

All schools must ensure that pupil attendance is up to date in SEEMiS each day to ensure that the data is accurate when uploaded for Scottish Government.

Please ensure that all outstanding TBCs are regularly updated.  See the guidance on Glow here.


Thank you

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Action: Click+Go: Access to Records Edit: LAC and Child Protection Tabs

It is important to note that the LAC (Looked After Children) and Child Protection data within Records >>Edit are completed centrally.  There should be no user with access to edit the data on these screens.

Please can those with the Click+Go Security Profile ensure that staff who have been applied access through Application>>Data Utilities>>Access Control>>Edit Data Settings>>Record Edit Access do not have Edit access set for LAC or Child Protection.

Queries regarding data on either of these screens should be directed to

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Info: Click+Go: Contacts – Gets Report field

Unfortunately we have just learnt that the Gets Report field within the Contacts screen in Records>>Edit can not be extracted through Custom Reports to pull reliable results due to a bug in the system.  Note this bug does not affect Custom Reports other than for this field.

Schools who require this data however can log a request through the Systems Support Team and we can provide this data through an alternative source.  Please advise in your call the data that is required.