How to use this Blog!

The front screen of this Blog contains posts.  Posts are individual blocks of text which will contain Information or Actions for school staff.  On the right hand side of the screen you will see tools that will assist in locating particular posts – a Search box, Categories box and Follow Blog box.

The Search box allows the user to type in any word and if it is held within any of the posts the appropriate post will be revealed.  Scroll down the page to see each post.

Every time a new piece of information is posted it is linked to particular groupings.  These groupings are called Categories and they are there to aid the viewer to locate the particular items they wish to see.  To use Categories select the drop down to pick one of the options.  Any posts linked to that category will then show.


To enable a user to receive notifications each time we post a blog, click the Follow link.  An email will be sent to the user for approval of this action.