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Action: Click+Go Support and Training

A reminder that if you require any support or training that you must log a call with our team through the Service Portal.

To log a call click here and go to the Contact us button, or use the web chat facility on the Service Portal or call 01463 253150

Please ensure all the staff know how to log a call.

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Info: Click+Go: Pupil Addresses

Note that within Records>> Edit the Address tab data relates to the pupil not the contacts.   When a pupil is added through New Intake Enrolment or New Exceptional Enrolment, the contact details are required to be input however this then feeds through to the Address tab within Records>>Edit.  Where not appropriate for the pupil, this should be amended.

To enter an address, always type in the postcode first, then click the Verify Address button and select the address – this will ensure that the data is entered in a consistent manner and will also feed the UPRN (Unique Property Reference Number) which is linked to the catchment areas.



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Action: Click+Go: Contacts Involvement

It is extremely important that all Pupil Contacts have been entered correctly, ensuring that all necessary fields are completed, including the Involvement section.

Contact?   Must be completed for all Emergency Contacts as indicated on the pupil enrolment form.  Failure to complete this will mean the contact will not appear in necessary areas of the system (eg Emergency Contacts within the Contacts Report on Casual Groups)

Gets Report?   Should be completed for all contacts who do not live at the same address as the pupil but who should receive letters and reports about them.  Completion of this allows custom reports to be generated to extract these details.

Can Vote?   This field is not currently used.

Parental Rights?  Must be completed for those contacts who have parental rights.

Storm Accommodation?  Must be completed for those contacts who the pupil may be sent home to in the event of the parent/guardian not being available eg in adverse weather, etc as indicated on the pupil enrolment form.

Online Payments?  Must be ticked for all Main Contacts – this is linked to Cashless Catering.


All of the above can be checked (except the Contact field) by generating the report under Application>>Reports>>Custom Reports>>click on the open yellow folder>>select the report LEA Contacts Involvement >> click the view tab to generate.  All corrections should be made through Application >>Records>>Edit.  (UPDATE – please also refer to the post on Gets Report here)

Please log a call through Wipro (click here) or check out our other posts regarding the Contacts by using the Search facility to your right.




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Action: Click+Go: Management – May Day Holiday date

May Day holiday date has changed from Mon 4th to Fri 8th May and this needs to be reflected on SEEMiS.

Application>>Management>>Calendar>>School>>Enter Holidays>> enter the day (08/05/2020) as Holiday then click Save This Holiday.   

Application>>Management>>Calendar>>School>>Remove Holidays>> select Mon 4 May Morning and Afternoon then click Remove Selected

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P1 and Early Learning and Childcare Enrolment Resources Now Available

Enrolment for P1 and Early Learning and Childcare places takes place in Highland week commencing Monday 27th January and Monday 10th February respectively. enrolment pic

Guidance and documents relating to the enrolment process for session 2020/21 is now available via the School Resources site in the Schools Hub in SharePoint.

Information for parents is available online at:

For printable versions of enrolment documents, and for detailed school guidance, please visit the Hub.

Please encourage parents to use the online enrolment process where possible, and remember to keep an eye on your school generic mailbox for enrolment forms once enrolment opens from Monday 27th January 2020.