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Want to set an alert on the School Office Forum?

Never miss a Forum post again by signing up to receive notifications!

We have created a guidance sheet on how to set up an alert on the School Office Forum in the Resources site in GLOW.  Whenever a new question is added, or reply given to an existing question, or comment made, an email alert will be sent to your inbox to let you know.  Find the guidance sheet here on GLOW.

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Info: Click+Go: Staff Post and Person Grade

Within the work record for each member of staff is recorded the post grade and person grade.  These fields are widely used to extract reporting data on particular posts both in school and at Authority level so it is vital that the correct title is chosen from the options given.

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Info: Click+Go: Next Session Timetabling (Secondary)

Please make Timetablers aware that the COS/SETTS area is now open for use by schools.

As in previous years, Highland have requested that schools have the opportunity to trial the timetabling area until 30 November 2018.  This means that data recorded on Click+Go up until then will be deleted on this date.  Note SEEMiS cannot restore any of the data once this is carried out.

After 30 November 2018 schools can use the area to build the actual 2019 timetable.

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Info: Click+Go: Staff Work Patterns

There is currently an issue with work patterns which is preventing changes being saved.  Please use the workaround below if you have this problem.

If you are trying to amend a work pattern but the option to save is not available then it is best to delete the one that you are trying to update.  Then re-enter it.   The save button will still be greyed out.   Click on the Work Record button and add a blank space to the Notes area.   The Save option will now enable you to click it.

The change will only show when you next refresh by selecting the member of staff again and selecting the work record.