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Info: Click+Go Unavailable from 4:15pm till 6:15pm on Wednesday 20th March

SEEMiS will carry out scheduled system maintenance on Click+Go on Wednesday, 20th March 2019.

Logging in will be disabled and any remaining users will be logged out at 16:15.  Full service will be restored by 18:15.

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INFO: Click+Go Pupil Manual

Similar to the layout of the Staff Manual, our new Pupil Manual is a document we will regularly up date with information.  For this purpose it is designed not to be printed but with a menu at the front which provides links to easily locate each topic.  We hope you find this document useful and informative.

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Info: Click+Go: Staff Absences

Schools should be aware of the common issues around recording staff absences.  Please ensure that your staff absence records are correct to avoid us having to contact you to correct the data.

Click+Go Staff Work Records and Work Patterns affect staff absence records and any anomalies in these will have an impact on staff pay, for example:

If a member of staff is off unpaid on a Wednesday and Thursday and their work pattern shows 5 and 6 hours retrospectively then they will be deducted 11 hours in total.  It is vital therefore that the correct hours are recorded on the work pattern in SEEMiS to avoid incorrect deductions.


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Action: Primaries Transferring Data to Secondaries

We recently posted information in relation to Primary Schools transferring their P7 data to Secondary Schools.  See our previous post here.

Please note it is vital that Primary Schools check their data is accurate and up to date and that there are no gaps in data prior to transfer.  Secondary schools will need this information for Health and Safety purposes during transition.  If Primary Schools transfer incomplete data then the Secondary Schools may be forced to reject the record back and will require the pupil to be re-marked as a leaver once the data has been updated.

Note that SEEMiS records only updates certain information when a school uses the Refresh Transfer Data option and when the record becomes a Full Record (click here to see).  Therefore the data sent as a provisional record needs to be up to date at the time of sending.


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Info: Custom Reports and the FTE

If using the FTE as a field within Custom Reports it is important to understand how it works.

As with all Custom Report fields, if there is more than one work record or more than one choice for a field, a separate line will be delivered for each result.

There is no way of requesting a report to be generated to include fte from a particular date range.  Therefore if a member of staff has a change to their work pattern hours within a work record (shown with separate tabs on the work pattern screen), a new line will appear showing the fte for each of these changes.  It cannot pull out just the current fte.

Therefore reporting using the FTE field is mainly of use to see where there is no FTE recorded.

Note that the field FTE Census calculates the fte from the last Census date.  Any member of staff added after this date will appear with no fte.