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Action: ScotXed: AAE Reminder

Some corrections require an overnight process so please ensure you run the snapshot and make any corrections by the 26 August.

Full Guidance can be found here.


Our guidance is held on Sharepoint – if you are having problems accessing it please log a call with Wipro.



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Action: SCOTXED: Pupil and Staff Returns 2019

The Scottish Government Return for both Pupil and Staff is open.


The Pupil and Staff ScotXed Census guidance will be available from Friday, 23 August 2019.  Full details can be found on the ScotXed Page.  

Remember that the Staff and Pupil returns can be worked upon at any time from now but the Snapshot must be re-run on or after Census Day which is Wednesday, 18 September 2019.    Both returns MUST be checked and signed off by the Head Teacher before being marked Complete in the ScotXed screen by close of day on Monday, 23 September 2019.    

To help simplify the ScotXed process this year we have developed a new calculator which generates all your required data in preparation for entry into the Aggregate Tables.  Before manually inputting the data into the aggregate tables you must confirm that the hours for each member of staff is correct.  The calculator displays the hours allocated against each staff member and highlights staff with no work pattern.  If you make any corrections in Click+Go you must re-run the calculator.  Instructions on the use of the calculator can be found in the Full Guidance Staff Manual on the ScotXed page.   This calculator is dependent on the information being correct within SEEMiS Click+Go.

All the information held on the ScotXed page sits on the Highland Council Sharepoint Site and not in Glow.

Should assistance be required, please log a call through Wipro and our team will be happy to help. 


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Info: Click+Go: Annual Data Check Update

We previously advised schools to delay sending the Annual Data Check to parents/guardians due to update of consents.  Until the revised consents are agreed at Senior level this remains unchanged and the Annual Data Check should not be sent out. 

These changes will reduce the workload for schools going forward in that all new consents will remain in place unless instructed otherwise by the parent/guardian.  This means there will no longer be a need to confirm consents on an annual basis. 

To reduce delays, schools can prepare the forms ready to send out.  Once the consents are finalised we will issue an additional page to be added as part of the Annual Data Check and at this point schools will be able to send these to parents/guardians.



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Action: SCOTXED: AAE return open!

The Scottish Government ScotXed Return for Attendance, Absences and Exclusions (AAE) is now open.

The AAE return must be completed no later than 27 August 2019 by all schools.


All guidance in relation to the AAE return can be found here.  When opening the guidance, please click Enable at the top of the screen if prompted once the screen opens.

The Pupil and Staff returns guidance will be available soon.


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New Schools Hub to replace the school intranet landing page

sp logo

As you might know, Council users are currently being introduced to SharePoint, a web-based platform which can be used as a collaborative workspace and document management system. SharePoint is part of the Microsoft Office suite and is now used widely across all Services in the Council.

Work has been underway to develop and design a new central hub for school staff, built in SharePoint, and designed to supersede the existing schools’ intranet landing page.

The Schools Hub will provide users with quick links to systems, applications and websites schools use frequently, an A-Z of education and school policies, and a newsfeed. There is also a data space for Highland, regional and national data, links to education and ELC blogs and Twitter feeds, and a brand new School Resources ‘light’ site (the full Resources site in Glow will remain).




Over the next week or so, your school intranet landing page will disappear and be replaced with the Schools Hub.

If you use Internet Explorer you may see the following prompt box, asking you to make a choice of which account you wish to use. Choose your normal Council login, not your Glow one (see below example)…

account image

Stay tuned to the blog for more information about the Schools Hub, but if you have any questions in the meantime, please email or