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The ‘Violence and Aggression’ form is changing

The Highland Council’s Violence & Aggression form for pupils is changing in order to update it in line with new guidance from the Children’s Commissioner.

The biggest change to the form is that the name is changing from ‘Violent Incident’ to ‘Pupil-Staff Incident’.

form stack newThese changes are based on information and guidance put out by the Commissioner for Children and Young People in Scotland, and will help the Council to meet our statutory obligations.

In addition, these changes will allow us to better understand why and how these incidents occur, and what may be done in future to avoid or mitigate them.

You may also see some minor editorial changes for clarity along with updated links in the Guidance section to make it easier to file these forms.

The updated form is available on our Health and Safety Intranet page here and an updated guidance document is also available.

Please note that as of 28 October 2019 we will no longer be able to accept the old Violence and Aggression (V&A) reports, and will request that all such forms be re-submitted using the new Pupil-Staff Incident form.

Thank you for your patience with this process as we strive to bring our files up-to-date in line with the Children’s Commissioner’s guidelines.

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ACTION: ScotXed Pupil Return – Error 1380/1 Update – Please Note Advice Re Schools With Friday Closures

Error 1380/1 is detailed as ‘The combined amount of time this pupil attends in this or any other special school, unit or class and in mainstream classes, sums to less the expected openings’

This can be corrected through Application>>Records>>Block Edit.

Select No of Openings in Mainstream Classes from the dropdown and click New List.  It is easiest if you click on the Stage heading to group the pupils together.

Most school pupils should attend a total of 10 sessions per week in mainstream and/or special classes.   Nursery pupils attend 5. An error will show if a school pupil does not have 10 sessions in total marked against the two fields (or for Nursery 5).  Home taught pupils should be counted as mainstream education.

All schools (Primary and Secondary) whose timetables have been changed in SEEMiS to a 4.5 day week however should record their pupils with a total of 9 sessions per week. This will still cause an error message but this can be ignored but only after it has been checked and confirmed correctly recorded by the school. The Support Team will require to advise ScotXed that the school runs a 4.5 day week.

At the bottom of the screen click the appropriate value and click Assign.

Now in the Field, select No of Openings in Special Classes, entering the appropriate value per pupil, for example, if the pupil has a total of 10 sessions in mainstream then special classes should be recorded as 0.


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Action: ScotXed: Census Week Class Contact Time

The Census Week Class Contact field is located under Application>>Staff>>Edit Staff>>Subjects Taught tab.  This should only be completed for promoted staff, ie Head Teacher, Depute Head or Principal Teacher based on the time they are in class on Census Week.   If this has been recorded for other members of staff then it should be cleared by clicking the button with the dot to the left of this field.

Schools can check this easily by creating a report under Application>>Staff>Custom Reports and extracting the fields of Forename, Surname, Person Grade, Post Grade and Census Week Class Contact Time.