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Info: Click+Go: Pastoral Notes

Please remember that within Pastoral Notes all notes are by default originally entered as Internal so will remain within the school that they are entered in only.

When a pupil is to be made a leaver, SMT should check the pastoral notes and update any which should transfer with the pupil to the next school by marking them as Centrally Recorded or Significant Event (the GIRFEC Chronology).  Only SMT have the access to do this.

All notes default to Confidential and the tick for this should be removed where relevant when the user is first entering the note.  Only those recording the note and those who have the appropriate access for Confidential will see the note.   This applies also to the access rights set in the next school for notes which travel with the pupil.

Please also refer to previous blogs here.

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Info: Click+Go: Home Screen Notifications re Data Checks

Some schools may have noticed new notifications that appear when running the Annual Data Check.  These are connected to future developments within the system.

To remove them, access Application>> Records>>Enquiries>>Annual Data Check.  When the pupil has returned the Annual Data Check for update, select the pupil and select Mark Printout as Returned.  This will remove the notifications as each pupil’s status is updated.


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Info: Click+Go: Behaviour Referrals and Alerts

Larger schools may be using the Behaviour applications on Click+Go for Referrals which allow notifications of behaviour to be cascaded up to Senior Management.

Please note that no notifications/alerts are generated if the referral is generated by the teacher through the Create and Manage Referrals screen.

If Senior Management have the correct access right in place they will only receive a notification if the teacher creates the referral from the Registration screen or Create Referral Later.


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Info: Click+Go: Staff Absence for Special Leave

Please be aware of the correct way to record special leave staff absence by referring to the Staff Manual.

Note that where a person has been granted special leave any further absence immediately following the time period as per the Highland Council Special Leave Policy/LCNT 37 Special Leave Policy, should be recorded appropriately on Click+Go.

For example even if a Medical Certificate states bereavement, the leave can only be for a maximum no of days as per the Policies.  Any additional leave should be recorded as a separate Click+Go absence with an apporopriate choice from the absence reasons.