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Info: Click+Go: Using Symbols

As data is often extracted by users within and outwith schools, it is important to maintain a consistency in how the data is recorded.  Please do not use symbols in Click+Go eg &.  Using symbols in the pupil address or name for example can also cause an issue for SQA.

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Info: Locking Your Computer

It is extremely important when leaving your computer unattended that you lock the screen.  The quickest way to do this is using the Windows button and clicking L at the same time.   Alternatively use Ctl-Alt-Delete but make sure to click LOCK.


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Was your school a polling station for the 2019 General Election?

If your school was closed on 12th December because it was being used as a polling station, you will need to enter a closure day in the school calendar.

To enter such a closure go into Application>Management>Calendar>School>Enter Holidays.

From there make sure that the ‘Morning’ and ‘Afternoon’ buttons are highlighted in blue and that ‘Select Date’ is set to 12/12/2019.

Change ‘School Holiday’ to read ‘Closed (e.g. Election).

Click on ‘Save This Holiday’.

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Info: Internet Explorer: Favourites

Through todays means of communication we are often sent links to internet pages and it is often difficult to remember where these are stored.   To make life easier, you can add these to your favourites!  Whenever you need to access this place in future you will be able to by selecting the link at the top of your screen when accessing Internet Explorer.

  1. First access the website
  2. Right click on the star on the top right of your screen and make sure the Favourites Bar is ticked.
  3. Beside your website address will be a small picture – using your mouse drag the picture onto the favourite bar that is now located above the webpage.
  4. If you want to organise these further, you can right click on the link you have just added and create a folder.  The link can then be dragged into the folder.
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Info: Click+Go: Pastoral Notes

Please remember that within Pastoral Notes all notes are by default originally entered as Internal so will remain within the school that they are entered in only.

When a pupil is to be made a leaver, SMT should check the pastoral notes and update any which should transfer with the pupil to the next school by marking them as Centrally Recorded or Significant Event (the GIRFEC Chronology).  Only SMT have the access to do this.

All notes default to Confidential and the tick for this should be removed where relevant when the user is first entering the note.  Only those recording the note and those who have the appropriate access for Confidential will see the note.   This applies also to the access rights set in the next school for notes which travel with the pupil.

Please also refer to previous blogs here.

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Info: Click+Go: Home Screen Notifications re Data Checks

Some schools may have noticed new notifications that appear when running the Annual Data Check.  These are connected to future developments within the system.

To remove them, access Application>> Records>>Enquiries>>Annual Data Check.  When the pupil has returned the Annual Data Check for update, select the pupil and select Mark Printout as Returned.  This will remove the notifications as each pupil’s status is updated.