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INFO: GLOW: Supply Teacher Emails

Several users have enquired how they can mass email supply teachers to request cover for their school.  Please note that the current system is not intended for this use.  Please see the guidance held for further information.

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Info: Click+Go: Staff Work Record Not Saving?!

If you have made an amendment to a staff record but the screen will not save then the chances are that there is a compulsory field elsewhere in the record which needs to be completed or there is another anomaly which will be detailed.

To fix, access the work record and make the necessary changes, making sure that no fields remain empty; shown where a red box highlights this (ignore the Area Cover tab however!).  Instead of clicking Save, click Back and select the next work record that exists. Repeat for each work record (including closed work records shown in purple).   Keep going back until all work records are updated.  Only when all fields have been marked, click Save.

It is highly likely to be the new teachers funding field being empty in a live or closed work record that currently causes the issue.  SEEMiS Group will in the near future mark all blank funding fields with the default of Local Authority Funded and this will reduce this error.  Schools will still be able to, if required, update this field as appropriate thereafter.

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ACTION: Click+Go: Pupil Annual Data Check

One of the first tasks of the new school year is to ensure that the pupil data held is correct.

Schools issue the Annual Data Check (Click+Go:  Application >>Records >>Enquiries>>Annual Data Check) to parents to collect and check the data; signing the form to confirm if the data held is correct.

Any amendments should then be updated through Click+Go >> Application >>Records >>Edit.  

Note that an additional tear off slip has been added which should be handed to your Parent Council.

For security of information the form should be sent home in an envelope with an envelope enclosed for return – labels can be printed from Click+Go>>Application>>Data Utilities>>Print Labels>>Print Student Labels.

Guidance on pupil data can be found on Glow here.