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INFO: Click+Go: Secondary Register Groups and Next Session Timetabling

It is a statutory requirement for a full years attendance to be kept per pupil. Therefore although the timetable can roll forward early, pupils will stay in their current register groups. Turnaround will create the new session register groups in line with the registration option created within Next Session.

Not all schools will have a registration period timetabled each day:

  • Some will use the standard Secondary attendance function of
  • period by period registration.
  • Some will have a period where pupils attend perhaps once a week for notices only.

Where no registration option is created, the school will have to manually create the registration groups after Turnaround. All pupils need to be allocated to a registration group otherwise the daily absence summary report will not work. They could however still create a class with no teacher or times against it.

  • The Registration class name that a student is in is used as the basis of a student’s register class.
  • The Registration class is defined as a class that a student is in and where the class subject has a master SEEMiS subject of either Registration, Primary Curriculum, Special Curriculum or Nursery Curriculum.
  • In a Secondary school if the registration class name is less than 6 characters in length, the stage number of the student will be prepended in front of the registration class name. In any other type of school nothing happens to the name. This name is then assigned as the student’s register group.
  • Note that if a student has no registration class then they will remain with their existing register group. Also if a student is found to have multiple register classes the resultant register group could be any one of the register class names (it is undefined exactly which one they will get)

The school can amend the classes after Turnaround under the Application>>This Session>>Timetable>>Classes>>Set Up Classes screen. They can also check the Reg Groups under the This Session>Edit Register Groups screen and then allocate the appropriate groups.

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Info: Click+Go: Consents and the Annual Data Check

As a reminder … to meet GDPR regulations, the Annual Data Check summary was re-worded in October 2018.

In order to simplify the Annual Data Check process, consent permission has been removed as the data is collected as part of the enrolment process and does not require to be updated unless requested by the parent/guardian.  Current consents are to be reviewed in the near future.

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Action: Click+Go: Primary – Are Your Nursery Pupils in the Correct Stages?

Prior to carrying out the Primary Planning Wizard it is important that all pupils are in the correct Year Stages.  Please check all Current and Provisional Nursery pupils:

Current or Provisional Pupil is in Year Stage Today In August This Pupil will be in This Stage
N3 N4
N4 N5
N5 P1

When changing a pupil’s year stage remember it is important to clear both bars within Application>>This Session>>Timetable>>Options>>Assign Individual Options to remove the class first!  Change the Stage in Records >> Edit then return to Assign Individual Options to re-apply the class.

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Action: Click+Go: P7 Transition Days


Before the P7 pupils visit the Secondary as part of their transition, please ensure that the contact details and medical details are up to date.

The Secondary School should aready hold the provisional records on Click+Go for these pupils however only the Personal and Address details can be refreshed by them (see here) therefore if there are any changes to the medical information please inform the secondary school direct.

See the guidance here for any pupils that still have to be marked as leavers to the secondary.


Prior to the transition days, please access Application >>Admissions&Leavers>>Admissions>>Accept Reject Full Enrolment, select the P7 pupils and use the Refresh Provisional Data button to ensure that you are able to view the most current data.



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Info: Click+Go: Help! – there’s no class for this pupil!

Its May and a new Early Learning and Childcare pupil has arrived to start in their class. They will be a N4 in August so for now you need to add them as an N3.   In trying to add their class through Assign Individual Options the class N3 does not appear—so what do you do?

You need to manually timetable the class.  This is the same process that the Primary Wizard completes only you are doing this manually—there are 5 steps to complete.

Click HERE for the instructions.